Edelweiss Custom's Die Schöne Dame

Edelweiss Custom's Die Schöne Dame

Essen Motorshow 2019. Reading Edelweiss Custom's Die Schöne Dame 4 minutes Next January Sunday Scramble.

Owner: Edelweiss Customs  | Words/Photography: Dan Allard

The Dream Project

We all have dreams, but the biggest difference in a person is whether they're happy to keep it a dream or act on it and make that dream become a reality. For Robert, the dream is to one day own and build a 300 SL Gullwing. The only slight issue is that Gullwing's are now around the million-pound mark and for most that is a little out of reach, but rather let the dream fade Robert decided he wanted a little slice of the dream and the decision was made to find the Gullwings little brother a 190 SL.

The 190SL

When building a classic such as a 190SL you can go one of two ways, you can go the "cheap at the time" route, get yourself a rot box and restore or save yourself all that work and time locating parts and get a clean example as Robert did. With the search lasting for a little over 6 months, a 1958 complete original matching numbers car was located in southern Germany. The only major work previously carried out on the car was a repaint in the existing colour 30 years ago. With the car secured and back at the Edelweiss HQ it was then time put the Edelweiss stamp on the 190.


The Edelweiss stamp.

Edelweiss Customs is a classic/old-timer bike dealer who sometimes like to express their passion for classic cars. With the 190 being so clean and complete it allowed Robert to really focus on how he envisaged the car to look. This is the pinnacle of an "Air and Wheels build" no room for error with this sort of car.

Obviously there is no off the shelf kit for this car so Classic Constructions made custom arms and shock mounts so that the air struts could be fitted, that coupled with an Accuair Endo CVT control system makes it a very nice and easy car to ride. Next up and the icing on the cake is the custom split Mercedes ARC wheels. The one-piece ARC wheels were reworked to 3 pieces by Matthias Krenzer and with some custom adapters, they managed to get the original hub caps to work a very nice touch!

Now Robert is happy with the exterior he turned his attention to the engine compartment, Nope no 2JZ swap here but a couple of nicely selected subtle improvements. Polished intake and trumpets along with a stainless exhaust go hand in hand to make the 190 sound even better!

The Future.

The guys down at Edelweiss have a very decorated history of car builds which include a Wartburg coupe (google it), Karmann Ghia, Mercedes W108 and the Ferrari 250 GTO kitted 280Z that you may remember from The Essen Motor Show in 2017. With the Mercedes pretty much all wrapped up, it's time for Robert to crack on with his Porsche 912, or maybe just maybe the dream car the 300SL. All we know is Robert and his friends enjoy to share their love for the lowered car culture and as they say "Hauptsache es schleift"

Google Translate = "the main thing is that it drags"


Robert would like to thank everyone who helped and was involved with this project especially the below.

Max - Classic Construction

Matthias Krenzer - Gekrenzert

Robin - Strahlwerk Deluxe







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