Lorenzo's R8 - Savoir Vivre

Take a second to imagine this; beating sunshine, blue skies, lakes, mountains and twisty roads. You’re in Wörthersee with RollHard right now... Step forward Lorenzo Schiesari and his Audi R8. This car just fits in around here.

In isolation, the Audi R8 is wonderful design exercise, meticulously carved from the visions of Germany’s finest automotive engineers and designers. Form and function in harmony, with no confusion over this cars purpose in life. Perhaps not as exotic as the Lamborghini Gallardo on which it shares its platform, the R8 is the ultimate in supercar efficiency. Enough prowess to allude to its power but not too much as to spoil its sophistication. After all, if you wanted shock factor, you'd be in a Gallardo, wouldn't you?

We first saw Lorenzo's Audi parked up by the lake in Velden am Wörthersee and certainly weren't the only ones to take an interest. The default response to this car is; "reach into pocket, remove smartphone, take picture(s)".

Of course Lorenzo was nowhere to be seen at this point. He was in at his hotel drinking champagne with a dozen hookers, probably.

Mission failed. I wanted to feature this car.

It would be a few days until we saw the R8 again. This time in Reifnitz, this time on the move, us on foot, the R8 driving in the opposite direction. This wasn't going to be easy. I just remember hearing "Ron, chase after it!" as I ran up the road to try and get our car, by this time Lorenzo was almost out of sight... Me at full tilt trying to keep up.

But just as I was about to give up the indicator went on as the R8 slowed to turn around outside a hotel. This would be my chance. As I wandered back to the other guys I told them Lorenzo wasn't interested in a shoot and didn't know who the hell RollHard were. I lied. We had the shoot.

Arrangements were made and a couple of days later we met up with Lorenzo after breakfast, piled into Dan's Volvo, my Mk2 and made our way to Velden 2014's infamous 'closed road'. This was a fun shoot. It was super chilled, sun beating down on our very own private road. Sharing details about his pride and joy, you can tell Lorenzo adores his car. Having made the trip from Lugano, Switzerland, Lorenzo had enjoyed many an alpine pass in this car. Yes it's beautiful to look at, but the burble and roar of the V8 sure is an addictive soundtrack. This car enjoys being driven, Lorenzo didn’t buy it just to look at it.

20” Rotiform OZT’s teamed with H&R Ultra Lows gives this car just what it always needed. Staggered ET45 9” fronts and ET40 12” rears really do give Lorenzo’s R8 purpose.

Lorenzo has added some beautifully simple touches to both the exterior and interior of his R8. V10 grille and carbon fibre trims inside and out from Neidfaktor in Hamburg complete the look.

Things were going well...That was until the police showed up... Uh oh... As if from nowhere in double quick time we were greeted by a police van, then two bikes, irate officers everywhere. They thought we had been 'street racing'. "Erm. Not us officers, we're just here taking photos". Some gentle charm later, it would appear their attitude had thankfully softened.

Slapped wrists and €75 later we went on our merry way. It could have been much, much worse. Admiring the R8's lines in a new location, we moved to the edge of Velden.

I think you’ll agree that this is one of the classiest R8’s in Europe.

For now, I’ll just shut up and let you enjoy Jonny's pictures…

Owner: Lorenzo Schiesari

Photography: Jonny Smith

Words: Aron Norris

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