RollHard X Charity 2015

Ok so if you’re reading this you probably know about RollHard; the logo, the cars, the events and the road trips.


Bad news travels fast

What you may not know is that behind the smokescreen of Instagram and Facebook, we’re a close bunch, a family you could say. We just do what we love and love what we do when it comes to cars, but more importantly than that, we’ve got big hearts and we’re here to make a difference.

On July 3rd 2015, the RH family received some terrible news that rocked us. Myla, Team RollHard Tony’s 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer of the soft tissue behind her left eye. This very uncommon form of cancer affects only 60 children a year and mainly boys so this really was a shock to everyone.

Myla had an MRI scan, the doctors rushed Myla in for a biopsy on the 4th and started chemotherapy that very same night, such was the seriousness of the tumour. This was a worrying time for Tony and his wife Steph. With treatment underway we had to do something to help…




What did RollHard do?

As a group, we responded to this terrible news in the only way we knew how; Organise a RollHard get-together with the cars, raise money for charity and show our love and support for Tony, his wife Steph and of course, little Myla. The RollHard X Charity event was born.

It was decided very early on to support two children’s charities. In addition to the wonderful “Candle Lighters of Yorkshire” charity who had shown incredible support on such limited resources to little Myla, we chose the “Kent Deaf Children’s Society”, a charity instrumental in supporting good friend of RH Elliott Robert’s daughter Amelie during her treatments since being born deaf.


Coventry Transport Museum would be the location and the wheels were set in motion for an emergency RH fundraiser; our inaugural RollHard x Charity event...


RollHard X Charity 2015, what did it look like?

100+ friends. 60 cars. 1 charity raffle. 1 Transport museum.


The outcome?

Together, we raised an amazing £1951.25.

We’re so proud of the difference the RollHard family have made by raising so much for such special charities. We would like to thank everyone who generously donated and of course our RollHard X Charity sponsors.


How can we do more? Is another fundraiser planned for 2016?

Too right there is…

Save the date: 3 July 2016

Location: Coventry Transport Museum

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our RollHard X Charity 2016 event. Let’s make even more of a difference in 2016!

Your love and support means the world to us and we couldn’t make a difference without you.


Update on Myla

Steph, Tony and little Myla have been in America receiving proton beam therapy at a specialist centre in Jacksonville, Florida. Myla has been an absolute star and responded very well to treatment.

You can keep up to date with everything here;


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