RollHard: The Belgian Chapter 3.0

Date: 23rd August 2015
Location: Aarschot Industrial site, Nieuwlandlaan 32, 3200 Aarschot, Belgium

With so many great shows filling up your weekends, being a car enthusiast can be an intense hobby during the summer months. If you're not putting miles on the clock getting to shows, you're probably at the workshop making tweaks or down the pub with your mates talking about the tweaks you plan on making. This game can be all consuming can't it?

If you've been to any of our events, you'll know what we're about and how we do things. We’re not about the awards and definitely not about one set style. We love everything and love VAG/non VAG in equal measure. It's all about bringing people together.

This year marks our 5th year as RollHard and with our Belgian Chapter event in its 3rd year it was the biggest ever. Our Belgian RH brothers and sisters really put together one hell of a party. The night before the show was all about Aarschott carnival with traditional hot food stands, fun fair attractions, most notably, dodgems. I must admit I do love dodgems.

About much more than the show itself, the Belgian Chapter ‘weekender’ offers something for everyone. The quaint Belgian town of Aarschott is good for a wander with many cool bars and restaurants.

It’s safe to say in 3 years this event has gone from strength to strength. Widely regarded as one of the most chilled out events on the show calendar, Belgium has always been very kind to us. This year was no different, the weather stayed dry right until home time and the quality of cars on show was second to none.

Personally, my favourite thing about our Belgian Chapter event is that it makes such a good weekend away. Not far from Dunkirk or Calais, it’s an easy drive and you can stop off in Bruge on the way and come home via Amsterdam should you wish. It’s a great location.

I’m now going to leave you with a whole bunch of photos from our RollHard: Belgian Chapter weekend.

We look forward to seeing you all on 28th August 2016 for more cool cars, chilled out vibes, steak and frites.

Words: Aron Norris

Photography: Mike Clarke

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  • Hey,
    signed up with pictures advertised on their Facebook page and wanted to ask if I can come,
    and if so where can I buy the tickets
    would be cool if you get in touch

    Peter Czarnecki
  • Is there a convey that goes from UK please.

    Mark Keeble

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