Essen MotorShow 2021

Essen MotorShow 2021

Words: Daniel Allard | Photography Charlie Brenninkmeijer | Videography Scott Pattenden 

Essen Motorshow 2021, our annual trip to Germany, to see what's been going on over the pond and catch up with friends. This year's trip was our best to date and with so much content, we are splitting the trip into 5 different articles, giving you guys more of an insight to what we got up to and why we look forward to it so much.

Not only do we have these articles for you to enjoy but we teamed up with Scott Pattenden from WeaselWerkz once again, to bring you a short movie of the weekend, scroll down to find the link to it, at the bottom of this article. 

With the UK show season coming to an end and owners starting to wrap up their cars for winter, we wrapped up warm, jumped in the E39 and headed off to West Germany to one of our favourite shows of the year. The Essen Motorshow. 

Whilst our hearts lie in the modified/stance circles, it's no surprise that we enjoy all aspects of the motoring world and this is why we have become fond of The Essen Motorshow, from tuners to classics the shows large variety draws in a huge broad audience over the 10 day show!

Germany has a heavy line up when it comes to manufacturers and automotive brands, despite the authorities not being to keen on anything modified, the "scene" is very much alive and well. The variety and level of quality of finish is insane and in true European spirit, a little crazy at times.

The Halls

To explain it easier the show has four sections, motorsport, tuning, Classic and Oem manufacturers and this is spread out over the 8 halls of Messe Essen. To really enjoy the show and get round everything we normally do two days and from past experience make sure you wear some comfy shoes.

Like with everything, Covid had an effect on this year's show, yes face masks were mandatory and checks on entry but also the show was slightly smaller than previous years, we can only guess the lack of international travel and certain companies/brands airing on the side of caution, were possibly the reasons behind it but with that being said it was quite nice getting back to the hotel not being completely knackered from walking miles around the event. 

Three main reasons why you should visit in 2022


For us guys in the UK it isn't as far as your think, with the European roads being a hundred times better than ours, the 4 hour drive from Calais flies by and with that being said EMS is only a 20 min drive from Dusseldorf Airport. 

Just bar it in mind that if you tend to drive in something modified to Essen the show often comes with a heavy Police presence and it has been known that they pull cars over to check them over.


Only if you make it. On our first trip out in 2013, we hopped into a Polo 6n2, shared the costings between 4 of us and stayed two nights in an Air BnB just over the road from the venue. The show arena is right in the centre of Essen so there are plenty of places to eat curry wurst and drink and we have even located the Irish Bar.

The Variety 

To put it simple there is nothing like it within the UK and the only show we can compare to is SEMA but half its size (not that Essen is small btw). There are very few shows in this world where you can walk from one hall with a highly modified MK1 Golf then into the next a see a hill climbing legend Porsche 935.


With missing out on 2020's event it was awesome to be back and the long break meant the show was packed with new builds and exhibits making this year the best yet, fingers crossed we will be back in 2022.

The next article coming up will be of a few highlights from this year's show, so whilst you wait check out the official aftermovie. 

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