Kaido Racer In The Countryside

Kaido Racer In The Countryside

Come take a walk around Harley's C33, A Kaido Racer in the countryside.
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The Japanese nostalgic following has exploded over the past few years, with little groups of like-minded enthusiasts popping up all over the globe, not only celebrating the cars and the unique styling but the lifestyle that goes with it. If you are not familiar with the styling of a Kaido Racer, Harley's Nissan Laurel C33, once a drift car is on the subtle side of the scale. The shark nose is the obvious elephant in the room when it comes to Kaido styling cues. 

A Kaido Racer is what some would call a toned-down Bosozoku car, not sure what that is? Google it, they do not disappoint, low with small 15' and under wheels, clean styling with sometimes a nose extension or rear light delete and often or not, a colour theme, sometimes wild but in this case rather subtle. This C33 was exported from Japan as a relativity stock car and the previous owner extended the wings, bonnet and added the decals to help give the car more of the 'Kaido look'. 


To finish the front end, a US racing lip has been fitted and finishing off the exterior, the car has been fitted with BN Sports side skirts, a roof and shallow ducktail spoiler and arches extensions to help tuck the SSR Formula Mesh wheels. 

As with every build, no matter its style or origin the wheels are a key part. Whilst Harley isn't entirely happy with the specs of the SSR Formula Mesh wheels. For us the 185/50/15's look at home on C33 but whilst he's contemplating whether to sell, he's also looking to rebuild the SSR's with wider dishes to give the car a slightly more aggressive appearance. 


The interior of the C33 is what you expect to see in a period-themed build. A pair of Bride's Brix nestle in well against the stock tan/brown velour interior and once in the car, you can see all the trinkets and additions. Sitting in front of you, the gold and wood grain JimmyUp engraved steering wheel and to the left a Shirtstuckedin shifter. Squint your eyes and with a lot of imagination, you could almost be on the Tomei Expressway from Nagoya to Tokyo.


One of the biggest tasks with these features along with the timing is locations. Luckily for us, Harley's place was the ideal setting and with the help of the autumnal drop of leaves, it made for a very nice set of images. We don't say it enough but thank you to Charlie B for helping make this happen and thank you to Harley for having us, it's always great to meet an owner as awesome as the car itself. 



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