VW Days 20th Anniversary

VW Days 20th Anniversary

Words: Joe Allard / Loic Dupont | Photography: Loic Dupont


20 years, that’s probably older than some of you reading this. Some of you may even remember the early days. No matter what experience of VW Days you’ve had, you know its one of the calendar highlights of the year. A celebratory event for some of Europe’s finest offerings from the VW Group along with other German brands thrown in for good measure.


It has become the essential rendezvous point in Western Europe. Enthusiasts from as far as Russia/Poland/Germany and the like all come together and you could not ask for a better atmosphere, cars, friends, food, drinks, sunshine and the occasional doggo.

The main event.

The cars on display as always, are nothing short of impressive. There’s something for everyone, including something for the EV enthusiast. 

EV Polo 6n. What the fu………

Yes, you read that right. This “humble 6N” is powered by the devil’s fuel, electricity. As a mater of fact, we are in ore of this build. The level of detail puts most of the builds around it to shame. Let’s go over a few of the details. A full panoramic windscreen which runs from the scuttle panel all the way back to the rear of the car that also acts as a solar panel, The Zagato-esque rear lights which house a multiplug for your charging needs, Porsche 996 interior… I’m sure I’ve missed quite a few key features, but this car represents a new beginning of car modification. Yes, big car manufactures have already created EV classics, but this was built by the guys at @poloedriveconcept and we applaud them.

Oh and did we mention, it can be driven (slowly) via a remote!


Porsches 964’s are a firm favourite with us enthusiasts. Not only was it the last 911 to run the air-cooled engine but it’s the car that when people say, “Porsche 911”, you think of. It’s that distinct shape always springs to mind. VW Days did not disappoint on the 964 front. 964 on BBS E52’s? You bet yah. A 964 on air? Right this way. A static 964 on timeless BBS RS’s? Of course. The 964 is becoming a common sight at shows but were not complaining.



Is that an A7?

Very rarely, you see an Audi A7 (essentially a fastback A6) at a show but here we have two of the finest offerings from Europe. Can we see more of these please?




Highs & Lows, not just for the cars

 The automotive world can be a very judgemental/political place at times but every now and then, we all come together for the highs and lows. From a marriage proposal (Congratulations to the newly engaged couple) to celebrating the life of a fellow enthusiast who unfortunately passed away, we are in this together and to see everyone pull together for these moments really does make us proud to be a part of it.

Congratulations to the guys at VW Days. Again, they’ve held one of the highlight shows of the year and we look forward to celebrating the 21st anniversary with you.


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