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Harpenden Classics on the Common

Words: Daniel Allard | Photography: Daniel Allard.

Believe it or not one of our favourite events of the year happens on a Wednesday in a town called Harpenden. With cars coming from all over the south of England this one cannot be missed.

The event started in 1994, this week day meet has continued to grow into one of the largest mid-week events on the UK calendar. With up to 1200 cars, trucks and bikes aged 20 years or older, all coming together to share a passion for the automobile.

We finished work at 12, jumped into the sometimes trusty Volvo and headed over to see which cars would be attending this years' event. Upon arrival, the first car that stood out was this Clean and purposeful MGB GT, wearing a Sebring front valance.

Whilst looking at the finer details of the MG, a rather loud and familiar car grabbed our attention whilst it was queuing to get in to the event, we headed over to the main road to check it out.

Built by the guys at BS Motorsport this Martini 911 2.8 RSR Tribute was one of the best sounding cars we've ever heard. Even the local police noticed and told him to turn it down.....

With this Chevrolet SS rolling a few cars behind just proves how diverse the car selection at Harpenden is, with everything from modified classic British sport cars to exotic super cars.

Heading back onto the common, we managed to get a quick snap of this Volksrod which seems to be a regular. A clean exterior and some really neat touches makes this a real crowd pleaser.

With so many prestigious cars about including F40's and Bentley Blowers it is easy to miss the little treasures lurking in-between the crowd drawers. This Little MG Midget is a great example of why we love this event. Speaking to the owner we learnt that the car was originally bought for his daughter who disapproved so then became the weekend toy. 

Over the years the car has evolved from a standard Midget to a weekend track weapon. With 241hp coming from a charged 1.8 k-series engine and only weighing in at 750kg, this car will keep up with alot of its modern rivals. 

Not only is the car quick but the amount of development the car has received from track time is inspiring. Carefully look at the centre shot of the collage and you will notice the recess in the driversside floor, not only to allow easier access for the owner but a more comfy driving position.

With the plans to increase the power to over 300hp, we hope we get to bump into this car again and see its progress.

Everywhere you turn there is always something different to see and learn from, We quickly managed to catch this cafe racer style BMW R90 whist stuck in traffic. We hope to build our first bike next year so watch this space bike fans.

Strolling around the common we stubbled upon this 1953 Humber Pullman. Believe it or not this was driven to the event in as near the same condition as it was found, all be it with a few mechanical improvements. They have estimated it may take up to three years to restore, we are looking forward to seeing this brought back to its former beauty.

Even though none of us have been in a lucky enough position to own a hot rod we are still huge fans of the cars and the tight nit community, It was great to finally see the ford pick up close up and in person after we spotted it cruising down the M1 last year whilst towing a vintage caravan. As expected the pair didn't disappoint with neat touches and great workmanship. 

Even though we stood around the cars for a while to try catch the owners we didn't get a chance to meet them and find out the finer details. The Model A was my (Dan) particulate favourite out the pair due to its classic styling and very little uprated parts (even running the original push road brakes). Just stripping off the heavy and unwanted panels is sometimes all is needed.

The great thing this about events like this is you get to hear and see the cars you would normally see in a museum drive. Some of the cars that attend only come out for one or two meets a year and that is only if its dry!. The roll out is always great to see but unfortunately the people waiting for the yank muscle cars to do the occasional burnout were a little disappointed due to such a high police turnout. 

With the night setting in, we caught the last remaining cars leaving the common to either get tucked up in the garage or head down the pub. 

Probably the most recognised headlight pattern worldwide?

Once again Classic On The Common didn't disappoint with the vast selection of cars on display. We again look forward to returning next year and we think you should to! 

Even if you have to book a day off of work or travel from afar it is not everyday you get to see cars like these and chat to their owners.

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Photos: Dan Allard

Words: Dan Allard

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