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Autosport International 2016

Autosport Chump Daniel Allard F1 GTR HotRod Mini Nissan S2000

Words: Daniel Allard | Photography: Daniel Allard.

Back in January it was a nice break for us to visit a show without worrying about the cars or trade stand and to take our time to see what Autosport 2016 had to offer. 

It didn't take long before we spotted an S2000 that caught our eye! It didn't have the standard F20c poking out the engine bay as expected. In this wide bodied stripped chassis it was a very well equipped 730bhp 2JZ. From past experience of owning a S2000, hitting a slightly greasy patch with near standard 240hp was enough to get the rear out so this must be awesome. yet terrifying trying to tame the short wheel base chassis.

From drifting to straight line warriors, two totally different build setups but equally impressive in engineering and build quality. I first saw a video clip of Mark Todd's 1965 Pontiac GTO on my FB feed and it was great to see it in person. 

Packing an Aluminium 9.5 litre Donovan big block Chevy and with the added turbo to each bank takes this V8 up to a rather healthy 2800HP!!. Compare that to one of the fastest production cars on the market today the McLaren P1. The P1 can do a 0-60 time in 2.7 seconds whilst this GTO is 1.18 seconds!

This build hasn't been purely focused on power though, the finish and details on this car are very tasteful. We found the more you looked the more you found. The very neat and subtle side exit exhausts are just one example of how well this car is built.

Mini, a little goes a long way.

We all know Mini's have been around a long time, but it does seem that us "young ones" have been tinkering away our garages and produced some awesome examples in the last few years. I've seen Andy Wallers vtec Mini at a few shows in the past including Ultimate Stance but I've never had the chance to have a nose.

Whilst having a closer look at the B18c, Andy chatted through v-tecs in foreign shells... A little bit of research for our current project. This is another very detailed build which seems to develop a little more every time he posts up on IG. I'm looking forward to seeing what 2016 holds for this Mini and you guys will be able to check it out at our Cressing show in August. 

Another Mini that caught my eye was this caged monster. This car has quite a history of owners and they have all developed it in their own ways over the years.

The engine is a Toyota 4AGE which was rebuilt at Hurley Race Engineering. Modified block, modified head and dry sump system is just some of the work thats been carried out to help the engine achieve  200+ N/A hp. 

The GTR Owners Club stand was one of the most impressive. A large display of all ages and styles including a Nissan Qashqai capable of 222Mph thanks to a full GTR swap. I still remember when Nissan released the GTR claiming it was "untunable". Well either the engineer who claimed that has been sacked or the sales guy behind that claim has been given a very large pay rise!


1972 2000 GT-X

Sometimes its the story behind the car that captures us but all to often they get forgotten or lost in time. The guys from GTROC provided an awesome back story to this Skyline.

The Skyline was purchased by Ito San, as new in 1972. Ito was the only owner up until 2009 when it was purchased by the guys at the GTR Shop.

The car was used at many race events until the 90's where it was made into a more civilised road version. Once the car landed in the UK the guys at the GTR Shop carried out a full bare metal restoration and kept as many original parts as possible. Safe to say this Skyline was beautiful and the guys have done an amazing job.

Shortly after the car left Japan, Ito and his family passed away in the tsunami that swept across North East Japan. This car is a fitting tribute to Ito and is now regarded one of the best examples in the world outside of japan.

Still to date this 1993 R32 group A car wears one of my all time favourite liveries.

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Whilst on the subject of liveries who can forget the iconic John Player Special cars. 

The Chump.

I first saw this Canadian 1973 911 on Bruce Holders and then Bryn Musselwhite IG account expressing how excited they were to be buying this car together and bringing it home to the UK.

I love a car with character and this one has certainly earnt its stripes and proud to display them on its sleeve, but this Porsche didn't start its life with this patina. Once a gleaming red example this 911 got caught in a fire burning and torching it to an empty shell. From there it was picked up and built into a Chump racer!.

A Chump Racer you ask? The Chump Race Series takes place across Northern American and is a cheap form of motorsport. 

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It was great to be able to have a wander around autosport and see what might be on trend in 2016. We loved the amount of foreign engine swaps and it was great to have a break from the stance brigade.

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Photography: Daniel Allard

Words: Daniel Allard

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