Wörthersee Treffen 2016.

Wörthersee Austria Faak er See Porsche BBS Volkswagen VW Audi Seat Skoda

Well it's that time of the year again where we make our annual pilgrimage down to southern Austria for Wörthersee. This year marks our 5th year running that we've been making the 1000+ mile drive down to what is the car mecca of Europe! The best car's from all over Europe descend onto the picturesque Austrian mountains for the best build up to a show period. Infact, who goes to the actual show?


As always Wörthersee delivered the goods. The sheer amount of car's, and the quality is always a sight to be hold. They're classic car's like the period correct E23 above to brand new R8's, all that bit closer to terra firma.

This 'Part 1' post brings you photo's from our time at Faaker See on Saturday. There are many places in and around Lake Wörthersee where people gather, and Faak is one of, if not the busiest of them all. 

This RS4 really caught our attention. And i do have a real soft spot for yellow cars and avant's, so this ticked all the right boxes. I wonder if the wife will notice if i swap out our diesel 'family car' for this? 

Anyway, no one came here to read me wanging on, so i'll get on and do what you came here for. Post lots and lots of pics. 

Photography - Jonny Smith

Words - Tony Adams

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