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Who we are

About Rollhard

Rollhard is a collective of like-minded enthusiasts who have a shared passion for all things automotive - in particular anything modified. What started with a small group of friends, building cars on driveways and attending events, has grown into a global community.

Fast forward 10 years and Rollhard is an established automotive lifestyle brand, producing high quality clothing and accessories. We also run shows across the year, in particular our headline show at Bicester Heritage - we hope to see you there!

Our team

Who we are

Matt Ferguson


Dan Allard



Charlie B

United Kingdom


Jonny Smith

United Kingdom


Scott Pattenden

United Kingdom


Loic Dupont



Ross Delaney

Dublin, Ireland


Sora Kasuga



Andrian Svet



Leonardo Silva



Alex Farrance

United Kingdom


Kenji Fukita



Danny Honour

United Kingdom



Joe Chatfield


Edd Fell


Pat Newborough


Richard Woolmer


Joe Allard


Charlotte Tiller




Levi Van Bael


Joey Hazell


Alex Hurd


Matt Odds


Adam Coster


Jack Oliver Smith