RollHard: The Belgian Chapter 2.0

RollHard: The Belgian Chapter 2.0

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24th of August 2014, the time for our second Belgian show.

After our first show last year, which turned out to be a very wet affair, we came back again to do things bigger and better, and pray for a dry day. We were back at the same location, albeit with a new layout which we hoped to give a more of connected feel compared to last years event.

Having a stop of at a Belgian service station after Bricky decided to shit itself, more on that later.

Rolling through Belgium on our way to the hotel.

Bricky made it to the show, big, big thanks to the Belgian team for saving our bacon. Life long debt on this one!

This type one single cab was a thing of beauty. It was immaculate on every level, from the polished RS' to the flatbed itself.  

Check out the gallery below for all the pictures we took.

Photos: Tony Adams

Words: Tony Adams

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