Fueled Society - Anything Goes

Fueled Society - Anything Goes

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2014 sees the third running of the Fueled Society show at Nostell Priory in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. And it's our second time there after thoroughly enjoying last years show. 

We're big fans of the whole Fueled Society setup, as the guys behind it all share the same ethos as ourselves when it comes to cars. They're in it for the fun of it, don't take things too seriously and love anything cool no matter what badge adorns it, or how many wheels it has. Proper enthusiasts!

So with the above said, we know we're in for a treat of a show with an eclectic mix of vehicles turning up. And we weren't disappointed in the slightest. Whether you're into your clean VAG's on air and a shiny set of wheels, or a huge American army trucks, then there's something for you.

Bean's awesome E21 made the journey up to be on our stand, this things such a clean car. 

Vick's OEM perfection A4 avant is a perfect family wagon. Boot space and low's, what more could you want in life?

Tom's super clean Z3 repping one of our classic windscreen stickers.

Jack's Mazda 3, check our feature of this on the blog.

Our boy Dale and his mk1 TT sporting a very shiny set of Super RS'.

Rich's awesome Continental GT Speed lowered on OEM suspension, this thing has such presence.

We told you there's plenty of variety at Fueled, how's this sweet Harley for you?

We absolutley fell in love with this car, Shaun's super clean Cressida. Literally every nut and bolt on this car is immaculate, and such a genuine nice guy too. We'll hopefully be bringing more on this in the future.

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