April's Sunday Scramble 2018.

April's Sunday Scramble 2018.

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Words: Joe Allard. Photographer: Danny Honour

Walking in to one of our favourite events of the year, our senses tantalised with the smell of petrol and coffee, our eyes feasting on pretty much every era of the automobile and echoing sounds of pre-injection engines burbling on idle as they queue to enter the former RAF airbase. Sounding like the perfect way to spend a sun drenched Sunday morning for the dedicated petrol head? Let us take you on a tour of our idea of heaven.

We begin with Sport Purpose, these guys arrived to Bicester Heritage in late 2017 and opened their doors in March 2018. They specialise in mainly classic Porsche, as you can see but they are proud to promote the use of all cars and not your garage queens. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of talking.....

Mercedes were also in attendance with a few of their F1 cars as well as one of the most appreciated classics, the 300SL Gullwing. Those doors, that interior, the exterior..........

As you walk around, you can’t quite take in that every corner of the motoring world is here: Japanese, Italian, British, German, etc everything you could think of is in attendance. From modified to concourse to racing, Bicester Heritage really does bring the automotive community together and celebrate the fact that, yes, we all have our different take on how a car should look but there is no divide,  everyone is welcome. This is what we also pride ourselves on and this is why we believe that the Sunday Scramble is our idea of automotive heaven.

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