Essen Motorshow 2019.

Event: Essen Motor Show

Date: 30/11/2019 - 8/12/2019

Location: Messe Essen

Words: Daniel Allard | Photography/Videography Scott Pattenden 

Ending 2019 on a high we returned to the largest European show on the calendar, The Essen Motorshow. With an estimated 350,000 attendees over 9 days and with all corners of the automotive world covered, the show has something for everyone and why it's become one of our favorites of the year.

RH x EMS Aftermovie

Before we get into the article we had the pleasure of Scott Pattenden joining us for the trip. We decided to do a short 2-minute video but due to the sheer amount of quality vehicles on display and hours of footage shot, we managed to get it down to just 4 min and 30 seconds. Enjoy!

 Now onto the rest of the article.....

Heading over at the crack of dawn on Friday morning, we attended the opening weekend giving us the first look at what this year had to offer. It also gave us a very overdue chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones from across the channel. With the car parked, legs stretched and bratwurst in hand, we headed into the venue and made our way to this year's show stopper.

Edelweiss Customs 190SL.

The car of EMS 2019 for us was Edelweiss Customs, 190SL, It must be a dream of all of ours to do the unthinkable to something of such provenance as the 190SL. Keep your eyes peeled for more on this as we will be running a short feature on the car is due course.

The Transporter and MK1 duo.

As we walked into the Tunning Xperience Hall our eyes were immediately drawn straight towards David's Transporter and Golf setup, which was dominating the center of the hall. Anything wearing E lettered BBS wheels always gets our attention but in true European fashion, this MK1 was wearing a pair of center lock E50's and a pair of center lock E28's!

Looking at Dave's IG account he is also building a Porsche 912 so we will look forward to seeing that when it's complete.

Tuning Xperience Hall.

The Tuning Xperience hall sets the stage for the modified elite to showcase their creations.  Each year Sven Schulz pulls together the finest modified cars from around Europe and beyond. Every year the bar is raised and there was a truly eclectic selection of cars to cast our eyes over at this year's event.

Whilst we had a walk around hall 1A it was very humbling to see the number of incredible cars wearing the RollHard name, whether it was a sticker, sunstrip or an air freshener. The support is amazing and we thank every single one of you in Europe for continuing to support us. 

UK Representing.

Along with Indy's BMW F01 on the AirRex Stand, Lord Halsey's GT86 insane 2JZ powered GT86 was holding it down for the British in the Tuning Xperience Hall. 

The KEAN effect.

It is always a pleasure seeing the creations by the guys at KEAN Suspension. We first saw the 308GTB at Essen a few years ago and the car is still as stunning now, as it was back then and the Pantera well... It's as bonkers as when we first saw the car in Wörthersee.

If you want to know more about the Ferrari Click Here

Essen Motorshow.

With Germany's rich Motorsport history, we were stoked to see there was a heavy Motorsport presence. Legendary cars from the iconic DTM, BTCC series and the occasional hill climb monster littered the show in various halls. Most of the cars on display were still used in competition or in various classic race series, something we would love to venture back into Europe to witness.

The Essen Motorshow is a subtle reminder of the motor shows that were held in the UK back in the 90's. The show is staggering in size and quality is amazing, manufacturers, lifestyle brands, tuners and motorsport bodies all pulling their best cars together for our enjoyment.

If you haven't visited before we strongly advise you head there in 2020.  

Next year dates are 28/11/2020 - 6/12/2020

See you there.

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