Essen Motorshow 2021 Highlights

Essen Motorshow 2021 Highlights

The Essen Motorshow will always be one of our favourites of the year, here are some of our picks from this year's event.
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Words: Daniel Allard | Photography Charlie Brenninkmeijer | Videography Scott Pattenden 


Part two of five articles on our trip to the Essen Motorshow, to read part one click here.

The Essen Motorshow is always packed with incredible motors from all corners of the automotive world, so rather have one article packed full of information we have split our trip in 5 separate articles. Below are some of the many favourite cars and stands from this year's event.

Prior's Audi Coupe Project 

Bodykits are very much back and for the most part instead of following on with Max Power loud and lary styling companies are accentuating the car's existing lines or looking back at the car's motorsport history to take styling cues. 

We first spotted the Prior Design's Audi on our IG feed and was very keen to see one in person, so when we first entered the show on setup day we were very pleased that the first car we saw was Rouven's example. Finished in white, with Forged Rotiform ROC's and an interior to match this Audi Couple gives a nice nod to Audi's motorsport heritage. 

Jean Pierre Kraemer and JP Performance

When we first travelled over for the Essen Motorshow in 2013 there was one name we kept seeing but never heard of before prior to that event and that was JP (Jean Pierre Kraemer). It's impossible to go round the show without seeing multiple cars of his. To put it simple JP has built an empire but not just for himself but for everyone to enjoy. We are going to save his story for a future article of when we got a tour of his new Pace Museum but we will say one thing, now spending an event with JP we can understand why he is loved so much by the automotive community here in Germany and Europe and we suggest you get some German lessons and spend some time watching his youtube channel.

The volume of cars he and his team visualise and build are above anything we have ever seen in person and these are not built for just show these are built to be used, where the German laws allow....

Porsche 911/935 DP3-Motorsport

Walking into the classic hall one car instantly took our attention. Starting out racing in the Nurburgring 24 hours, the car was then piloted by Peter Hoßfeld and turned into a hill climb monster. The twin turbo 700hp monster has become somewhat an icon in the hillclimb world and to help put down that 700hp the car was adapted to 4wd 

Stella Artois Opel Vectra

Growing up in the 90's and 2000's Super Touring cars have a special place in our hearts, the battles, contact and how they looked like every day cars you would see at the local shop car park but going round a track like stink!. Whilst we had the BTCC over in Europe they had similar competitions with this Vectra competing in the ETCC (European Touring Cars)

The Vectra was a successful car in its time on the track and became an icon of that period, fast forward to where we are now and it's the perfect combo of pace and style, something a few have tried to replicate for the road.

After being parked up for 20 years this car was restored and back out on track in 2020.

Ferrari 348GTS

The level of cars in the Tuning Xperience hall this year was ridiculous, so much so the next article is dedicated just to that hall alone. One of our favourites for obvious reasons was Alex's Ferrari 348 GTS sitting on a fine set of stepped up 9x19 10.5x19 BBS RS's and lowered down on some Prazis Air struts with Airlift 3p Management. 

Philipp Kaess | Arlows

Like JP, Philipp Kaess is another well respected personality within the German car scene and mostly known for his old 1300hp RS4 saloon/limo. Built by himself over a 10 year period the car gathered a large following and whilst out on a normal drive the car developed an oil leak which believed to had ignited off of the exhaust, engulfing the car in flames and to Phil's best efforts the car was unable to be saved. The RS4 was that respected in the German community what remains of the engine and front drive train can been seen in the Pace Museum, which we believe shows how respectful the German scene is and a great gesture from JP.

Phil was later reunited with what was left of the RS4 and the video of it is pretty heart breaking, this is when his following gathered together started a Crowdfunder and raised an substantial amount to build version 2. 

As expected version two is pretty special, all exterior body panels are carbon fibre including boot floor and firewall. The car will have a little hike in power to 1400hp and a number of Audi R8 LMS GT2 parts used to help build the ultimate RS4.

So that's article two of five complete and whilst you wait for number three which is dedicated to just the Tuning Xperience hall check out our short movie of the complete trip. 

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