The Tuning Xperiance Essen 2021

The Tuning Xperiance Essen 2021

Whilst visiting the Essen Motorshow we take a detailed walk around our favourite hall, The Tuning Xperiance
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Words: Daniel Allard | Photography Charlie Brenninkmeijer | Videography Scott Pattenden 

Part three of our five articles on our trip to the Essen Motorshow, to read part one and two click the links. 

With the forceful two year break, a lot has been brewing in Europe, making this year's Tuning Xperience showcase at the the Essen Motorshow a rather special one. With this year's show layout change the complete display was laid out in hall five and once again curated by Sven Schulz and his team.

The level of builds and the standard of finish will always take us back and is a reminder on just how big and fruitful the German/European scene is, with a hall displaying something for everyone whether it is a tastefully modified Mercedes 190E or a ridiculous Porsche GT3RS. In the end, hall five took us a good few hours to go around so we could check out and appreciate all the builds in there properly. 

Once again we are forever grateful seeing cars and people wearing our logo and branding, with it being a little bit more special travelling to another country and seeing the support.

We have done our best to track down the owners of the cars and tag them below but if you see one missing and know who it belongs to, leave us a note in our comment section at the bottom and we can update it. 

Now onto some of the car of this years Xperiance.

Alex of Tofu Garage

Khyzyl Saleem

Built by @luka_moto in Poland, Khyzyl recently purchased and collected the car with help from Alex at Tofu Garage. The car stayed in Germany and soon will bw on its way to the UK, we are excited to see and hear this one doing the rounds at UK events in 2022. 


Mercedes W201


Fiat 126p


Lexus RCF


Porsche GT3 RS-H


Mitsubishi EVO 7


VW Caddy


Audi RS4


Audi R8 


MK2 VW Scirocco 



Porsche 987 Cayman



Porsche 964


Ferrari 345GTS

Johannes of Holyhall

Porsche 997


Mercedes W115


Porsche Speedster

 The Detail shots

So that's article three of five complete and next up is an article dedicated to JP and our private tour of the Pace Museum. Whilst you wait for number four check out our short movie of the complete trip and don't forget to like and subscribe to Weasel Werks channel, plenty more joint projects on the way. 


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