Goodwood - One Expensive Car Park.

Goodwood - One Expensive Car Park.

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Words and Photography: Jonny Smith

So with this weekend being another lockdown weekend and therefore the sad news that Goodwood's 78th Members Meeting has been postponed, I thought I'd take a look through my photo archives and look back a few years ago to the last time we attended Members Meeting.

You can see my original blog post from 2017 here.

75th Members Meeting

It was one fantastic weekend for myself & Joe hanging out whilst exploring the exquisite selection of cars on show and out on the track. There was one place I really wanted to take a wander around and that was the car park. The people that attend this Goodwood event are obviously into their cars. Some of the more wealthy individuals may arrive and leave in a helicopter, but for the true visitors who are into their cars, they would rather drive. It is always really interesting to see what those type of people would drive to such an event. 

So on the second day as we parked up in the Citroën and decided to wander the field car park. 

Well, it didn't take long to find something utterly ridiculous, a Ferrari Daytona, or more officially know, Ferrari 365 GTB4.

To me, the most beautiful car Pininfarina designed. 

A wild F40 appeared. Top of the tree for many people around the world. 

Bright blue Viper GTS. 

"The most famous car in the world" - A Stunning Aston Martin DB5 sat on the green grass parked next to anything someone else could drive to Goodwood. 

Pair of TVR's

Probably the coolest Porsche to ever come out... 

...and then the most popular. 

This Camaro Z/28 was a rare and surprising sight. Not only that it was on a 1000 mile round trip from Luxembourg, but the fact this kind of car made that journey. This is a much more beast package compared to the LT1.

This version is a track-bred car pushing back to the early days and the Trans'AM racing era. It comes with no A/C and only one speaker in standard trim, and that's only to be in regulation for the seatbelt chime. It was quite a sight to see here in gloomy England. 

A wonderful DeTomaso Pantera parked up. Italian for "Panther".

I believe this in the Pantera GT5 version, there are quite a few versions from its 20+ years in production! The GT5 supported the ridiculously wide over fenders to house the very wide wheels and had a complete chassis overhaul. They are powered by a Cleveland V8 supplied by Ford.

Something the entire weekend that awoke in me, old cars. Like this Bugatti. I still know nothing about them model wise, but they look like the perfect daily... 

I'll end with another Bond car and all-time favourite. The BMW Z8, E52 for you BMW nerds.

Built as a homage and 50th anniversary celebration for the BMW 507 it shared the same engine with the E39 M5. Sure it makes for one fun drive. 

Here's the full set from that morning in 2017. 

Stay safe and take care!


Goodwood MM - Car Park










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