Practical Classic's Classic car and Restoration Show.

Practical Classic's Classic car and Restoration Show.

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Words: Daniel Allard | Photographer: John Langley

For the first time we headed to the Practical Classic's Classic Car And Restoration Show, to keep things simple we will call it PCCCARS from now on. So what are we doing at a show that is heavily based around car restoration you ask? RollHard is built upon a group of like minded people who build their own cars, with their own hands or with the help of friends, whether that's a pretty simple build or from the ground up. Over the years we have churned out some pretty decent metal but because of one reason or another some were not documented or even featured! 

The other big reason why we attend shows like this is to break the circle, see something different, meet and chat to new people who haven't come across us before. We have met some very interesting people at these type of events in the past whether that's owners of BTCC 90's ledgends or the owner of a humble MGB GT, everyone has a story to tell or a car tucked away awaiting its day. We also get to see cars that only see the light of day a few times a year and in this case with this type of show the first time a car has seen the light of day in many years!.

The show is only half the size of the Classic Car Show but the PCCCARS is still packing a hefty punch when its comes to car variety, things to do or to look at. Sport Bear's Dream Rides is a charity run organisation that attends both shows and allows the public, for a small donation, a ride around the block in their dream car. The owners of the cars come from all over the UK and offer their car and service for absolutely free! Another in-house attraction is the Classic Car Auction, for a small fee you can pay to enter and to have a good look at the cars up for auction, maybe if you like something and are lucky enough, you could drive it away at the end of the weekend. The show has something for everyone to suit, all tastes, all flavours, under one roof.. 

Now onto our display, first of all we would like to thank all the owners for trusting us with their pride and joys for the 4 days we had them. We try our best to bring the best out to show and we did just that, all the cars on display have been built by the owner or friend of of the owner, we practice what we preach. We confidently say that both Nick and Stacey's Mini's are up there with the best, Eden's Beetle confused the unexpected public "you drive it at that height" and my new addition to the Rollhard crew, the Datsun showed what we often do not display, a car before we get our teeth into it. We would like to thank all you guys who came visited and supported us over the weekend.


Perhaps our favourite part of the event and what makes it stand out from the others is the "Barn Find" section. There was something for everyone in there and you can only imagine where these guys were pulled from and the stories attached to why they were left. 

So that concludes Part I of our coverage of the PCCCARS, Part II will be focusing more on a few of the hidden gems but for now we will leave you with a teaser of whats to come, Richard Woolmers A30 van.

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