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Thank you!

Like many, the last 18 months have been one big roller coaster for us here at RollHard. We kept it quiet, but in the early days of the 1st lockdown behind the scenes RollHard flat lined. All may have appeared normal on our social network outlets, but until this event it's been an uphill struggle. RollHard is an independent brand with no sponsors or large companies in the background helping with funding, nor does it have any full time staff.  When the brand flatlined we had a few options, seek investment, crowd fund but the one that seemed right was for the brand to save itself to keep the brand proudly independent. 

Enter the Circuit One Collection, you may or may not of noticed that all clothing releases in 2020 were pre-orders starting with the Circuit One Collection. Now that RHxBH 2021 has been signed off, we would like to say a huge thank you to you all for making it possible, from the £3 orders upto the bigger ones you all helped make RHxBH 2021 happen and help start to put us back on our feet. 

The show, 

With covid being an awkward additional hurdle for 2021, we decided to not have the incredible hanger 113, but this opened up the opportunity for us to use the hallowed ground of The Technical Site. We first walked onto the site in 2014 and since then it has been a dream of ours to spread out the UK's finest tailored metal across the ex RAF site. The recipe for this year was simple, concentrate on the organisation, events structure and turn it into a photographer's dream.

It's becoming a cliche and we say it every year but we genuinely get blown away the sheer amount of quality that attends our events and we are forever grateful. The Technical Site was a tricky one to plan as it was our first time organising an event in there and we didn't want to over fill it with cars, so we will build the numbers up gradually over the years till we get to a comfortable capacity. 

Did you know? We had a Formula One car at the show.


In 2019, we had the "Woolmer collection" which was situated in the centre of  Hanger 113, this ranged from a Bugatti Type 35 to a 1952 Bristol Cooper, so topping this was going to be difficult. Then out of the blue Alex Farrance mentioned he approached someone with a certain F1 car and is interested in coming to the event, forward on to a few weeks before the event and it was confirmed that we have an ex Michael Schumacher Benetton B193 attending. 

The plan was to have the car dead centre of the MT yard (where the RollHard stand was located) but with August being the most unpredictable month ever for rainfall, the guys at Wriggley Monkey Brewery kindly gave us space in the Tap Room. Huge thank you to guys at Wriggley for allowing this to happen otherwise the car wouldn't of been able to come. 

The Ten Favourite

This year saw the return of our Ten Favourite awards. The awards are self explanatory, we pick our favourite ten cars. Unlike a lot of shows it's not about being the best or most complete and nore is it a "show and shine" every car on the day (including the car park) can win. As a group our cars were never built to impress or to win awards but it was nice to be recognised for the effort so that why we do ours.

The awards themselves are a work of art and curated by our good friend Matt Odds at PCMS. Each design we create is designed and made within the group and we are forever grateful to Matt for making these happen, hopefully next year he will actually attend the show.....

We are going to do a separate article with all the Ten Favourites, well eleven after a slight error, but for now here is a teaser of a few. 


That Weather.

After two years of absence it was going to take a bit more than a little rain to dampen all your spirits. The forecast for Sunday was clear, but like the rest of August the man upstairs decided otherwise and the rain fell. With enough coverage around the site you guys stayed and you talented bunch with cameras got trigger happy, making the most of the conditions and capturing some captivating content. 

Next year's date is now penciled in and set to be released soon, we are beyond excited to get planning for 2022, if you wish to help support us the link to our shop is below. 


Thank you for helping to build something special and to our amazing team for making it possible.

Team RH.

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  • Although we’ve missed this year’s event, we’ll make sure to attend in 2022 and do a full coverage of the event for Tunedside. Keep rollin’, guys, you are amazing!

    Mihai Dumitrescu
  • The “Technical Site” had such a great feel to it, can’t wait to see what 2022 brings! I’m feeling hopeful that the at next show I may be able to grace somewhere other than “The Green” with my car! 🙌

    Joseph Mee

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