Rollhard x Bicester Heritage 4.0

Rollhard x Bicester Heritage 4.0

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With 2023 coming to an end and whilst we are warming up to a busy 2024 season lets take a look back at RH x BH 4.0.  This year's event was a special one for us, not only are we on the run up to our 5th year at the Bicester site, this year was a sell out. As most should know by now, we are not about the numbers. Since the first show we ignored the sites maximum capacity number and slowly built up the attendance numbers until the feel and vibe felt right. A show that was busy in the right areas, whilst holding on to that chilled vibe, we have become known for at all our events and meets.  

It's become a repetitive cliche which we are proud to say every year. The quality and variety of the cars that join us on the day still blows our minds. Whilst we provide the canvas it's you, the owners who help make what has been dubbed the event of the year here in the UK. We cannot forget the public who join us on the day also, thank you for coming in your masses and help in curating the atmosphere whilst respecting the site and people's prides and joys. 

Since day one of hosting events we have handed out ten awards, The Favourite Ten. With over 1000 cars on site it's has become a near impossible task to pick just ten, we have often considered upping the awards to 15 or even 20 but we don't want to fall into that trap other shows have gotten into and for you guys to get bored whilst we wait for all the owners to collect. We also believe it will start to over shadow what the show is about and water down how special The Favourite Ten has become and yes once again we awarded 11 cars by mistake....

Once again the awards were made in house by our very own Mathew Odds, all machined to perfection and lovingly finished by hand. It's another detail of the show that is proudly done in house by the talented team we are lucky to have.

For 2023 we were honoured to partner with Carbon Collective who provided cleaning kits for this year's Favourites, each pack worth over £150 and with one of their Nero Ceramic Coating bottles nestled into the base of the award.

It was never an intentional thing for us to do, but for the second year running we had a friend of the brand pick their car of the day and this year it was Khyzyl Saleem aka The Kyza. He picked Jake's awesome M42 Turbo 2002. We would like to thank Khyzyl for the continued support and for being a positive roll model within our community. 

"Why is there only red cars in the hanger?"

Hanger 113 was back this year and it was amazing to have that space again, packed full of traders who we would like to thank for supporting the show and an incredible selection of red cars. We had many questions, including why that colour and it was mainly down to us wanting too curate a space rather than just fill it. It was quite a simple concept but leaving it as surprise to the owners and attendees we felt made quite the impact. 

Roll on 2024, we are back at the Bicester site once again to do what we do. Applications and public ticket sales go live soon, we hope you can join us for our 5th year. 

Save the date 04/08/24.   

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