VW Brüder Treffen 2022: A gathering for VW enthusiasts

VW Brüder Treffen 2022: A gathering for VW enthusiasts

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Photography and Words: Leonardo Silva 

How about gathering your friends, lots of good music, a conversation to catch up on and lots of cars of all styles? After a long time without being able to leave the house, it seems that we are returning to the “normal” activities of yesteryear.

If there is an activity that manages to bring together good friends and several Volkswagen cars in the state of Minas Gerais, which is located in Brazil, it is the VW Brüder Treffen. On the 16th and 17th of July, in Belo Vale, a city approximately 80 km from the capital of MinasGerais, Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, the seventh edition of the VW Brüder Treffen was held, an automotive exhibition event for enthusiasts of the Volkswagen group.

Founded around 1700 by pioneers in search of gold in the Serra do Mascate, the city of BeloVale currently has its economy based on the creation of beef cattle and the typical MexericaPokan, in addition to the manufacture of high-quality cachaça still.

The small town, which has about 8,000 inhabitants, received, just for the event, more than half of its population at the weekend, filling all the vacancies in the hotels, inns and places available, leaving the streets colourful and crowded with German brand car models displaying originality and a lot of high-quality customisation.

This is the effect of the VW Brüder Treffen, which appeared in 2013 in its first edition in the city of Sabará, also in Minas Gerais. The VW Brüder Treffen 2022 had more than 350 Volkswagens, original and customised cars, coming from several cities in Minas Gerais and even from the wonderful city with its beautiful beaches and women, Rio de Janeiro.

In the two days of the event, the family atmosphere and among friends was felt by everyone, supplied by Foodtrucks and Beertrucks with hamburgers, traditional Brazilian barbecue and crepes, in addition to desserts and drinks with artisanal beer productions. On the soundtrack, electronic music and a lot of Rock n' Roll set the pace of the party with concerts by artists from Minas Gerais Bruno Coimbra and the band The Dionnes.

In the middle of the mountain landscape in Minas Gerais, the VW Brüder Treffen 2022 created a “sea of colours” and a lot of friendship in the two days, in which many memories were created and many experiences lived, things that only those who are brüder know, because there IT'SVOLKS UAI!

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