Rollhard x Bicester Heritage 2022

Rollhard x Bicester Heritage 2022

Following the success of 2021's event, the pressure was on for us to step things up this year, all whilst holding onto our brand values. Our aim was to host an event where respected owners of automobiles and other brands/companies can attend and reminisce about why we do what we do, enjoy, catch up with old friends and connect with like-minded people. 

From our first event at the Bicester Heritage site in 2019, we set out to let the event speak for itself, let it grow organically with the right audience and in 2022 we closely hit our cap and hit our goal. When we started out hosting events, we never set out to be the biggest or the best but an event enjoyed by all and including the team.

We could organise the perfect event, but it would mean nothing without you guys supporting and bringing the most incredibly varied mix of cars and bikes to the site, it is becoming a cliche but every year we are blown away by the applications and the standard of cars that come together. 2023 is going to be a difficult one for us but we shall be reaching into the deepest corners of the UK's automotive scene to see what else can join us at the Bicester Heritage site. 

One thing we forgot to mention last year was a huge thank you to everyone for sharing and posting content from the show, the kind words about this year were truly humbling. As we are mainly a photo media-based brand it helped us massively get our name out there and see what Rollhard is truly about.

Once again, we had our Favourite Ten awards to hand out where everything is considered, it doesn't matter what area the car is in and even the car park is checked to see if there is a hidden gem tucked down the back. Our event doesn't have a "show or shine" area nor do we pick just the top-tier cars. When we say everything is considered it is from a 100k to a 1k build. If the recipe works no matter how simple, it's a contender. 

As with the previous year's trophies, these were also made in-house by the incredibly talented, Matt Odds and accompanied by a Sam's Detailing starter kit/drying towel, a bag of goodies from Fudge To You and a bottle of bubbles. Thank you to Sam's Detailing and Fudge To You for donating the prizes for our top ten, we are humbled to have your support with our event. Thank you to Matt Odds, the workmanship speaks for itself, grateful to have you on board. 


Once again, we partnered up with Scott Pattenden of WeaselWerkz and for this year our friends at Notomoto joined in to help cover the site and the huge variety of cars at the event. The result? Another spectacular after-movie, we can't thank the boys for braving the heat and pulling this together. Grab a coffee and enjoy. 


Like the playlist from this years event? We have pulled the playlist together and put it on Spotify for you guys to reminisce and enjoy. 

Rollhard x Bicester Heritage 2022 Playlist

Next year's date 

Once again we are excited to announce we will be back at the Bicester Site, We will be announcing next years date soon and to be the first to know sign up to our news letter which can be done at the bottom of this page.

We thank you all for helping 2022's event be as good as it was and look forward to what next year brings.

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