031 Aircooled: A weekend for those who love air-cooled cars - Brazil

031 Aircooled: A weekend for those who love air-cooled cars - Brazil

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Photos and text: Leonardo Silva / @leofotodesign

Aircooled car lovers enjoyed a memorable weekend in the city of Minas Gerais, Brazil, during the 031 Aircooled event. This meeting, held at the prestigious Mega Space, the largest event space in Brazil, attracted enthusiasts from all parts of the country to celebrate their passion for air-cooled vehicles, with approximately 500 cars registered.

The 031 Aircooled event stood out for starting a modality, a complete camping area, providing participants with a convenient stay without the need for hotel or guesthouse reservations. During the event, enthusiasts shared moments of relaxation, games and lively discussions about their projects and plans for their beloved cars.

The willingness and dedication of the participants was remarkable, with some coming from cities up to 400km away, while others traveled an impressive 2,200km from the southern region of Brazil to participate in this event that has already established itself on the calendar of air-cooled car admirers.

Aircooled car enthusiasts understand the importance of keeping their vehicles in impeccable condition, and 031 Aircooled provided the perfect opportunity to find rare parts, exclusive accessories and meet specialized suppliers in different segments. With a variety of booths at the parts market, attendees were able to ensure that their cars continued to perform in exemplary fashion.

The first edition of this historic event featured a wide variety of models, including rarities such as the Volkswagen SP2 and 411, as well as Brazilian classics, such as Gol, Kombi, Brasília, Beetle, Puma and many others. For 2024, an even larger and more comprehensive event is already being planned, with the aim of attracting cars from different regions of Brazil. The ambition is to consolidate 031 Aircooled as the biggest air-cooled car event in the country.

031 Aircooled is more than a car meeting, it is a celebration of the passion and dedication of enthusiasts for air-cooled cars, and its first edition has already left an incredible mark on the Brazilian automotive scene. Stay tuned for the latest news and get ready to be part of this passionate community in 2024!




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