Aaron's M3 - Simply Clean

Aaron's M3 - Simply Clean

A great factory spec and a few well chosen add ons makes this one clean E36 M3

When it comes to modifying cars, Aaron has a bit of an unhealthy obsession with taking old, nineties cars and making them look insanely cool. His latest creation, this techno-violet 1997 BMW M3 Evo saloon is probably my favourite of the lot.

After a brief few weeks hooning about Irelands rural, narrow roads in a 300hp Renaultsport Megane, Aaron realised that his sump wasn’t hitting the road at a regular rate and so, the Megane was traded in and replaced with this slightly more sedate M3 saloon. 

The Evo is an interesting spec. Four doors, Dove grey vader-less interior and finished in that stunning purple colour, it’s quite different to any other E36 M3. It stands out and that’s exactly what drew Aaron to the car. He’s keen to keep it that way too, unwilling to go down the stereotypical route of adding the big LTW wing and splitter. Instead he’s opted to keep the car as clean and simple as possible and it works.

A big connoisseur of the static life, it wasn’t long before Aaron had the car inches off the tarmac with a set of BC Racing coilovers and with rare wheel options relatively limited in Ireland, a set of OZ Mito were found, although Aaron tells me these won’t last much longer on the car.

Inside, Aaron has kept the modifications subtle, adding a unique four spoke BBS steering wheel which he re-trimmed to match the rest of the cars upholstery. Less is more with this sort of build and to be honest, I hope he keeps it that way.

At the core of any M car is a purposeful beating heart and Aaron has enhanced the rasping S50 with a carbon fibre intake and a full SuperSprint exhaust scored for a small price on Facebook marketplace. Being a low mileage car, the M3 is in incredible condition too, something that’s pretty rare in Ireland, most are absolutely ragged.

As with many of his other builds over the years, Aaron proves that a tastefully modified car almost always speaks volumes and this M3 is testament to that. If this car and his history is anything to go by, I look forward to seeing what he sets his eyes on next.

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