Ultimate Dubs 2016

Another winter over and the start of yet another Show season. 

Seen as the major first show of the year Ultimate Dubs was once again held at the Telford International Centre. Repeating the same formula as last year opening the doors on the Saturday evening it was great to get more time to run around looking at peoples passion and grab the odd photo or two. 

I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet and just let the photos do the talking!!

Firstly everyone here at RollHard would like to thank every person who came to the stand over the two days. The support you give really makes everything feel that tad more special. This year was the busiest we've ever seen the stand and we can't believe how! Not bad for a bunch of idiots hey. 

As usual the standard of cars inside and even out was once again pushing the boundaries. From unreal driveways builds to some simple but effective stance in a box, it's great to see people over the moon on the outcome of their pride and joy. 

Especially Joe Stackmans Juiced MK2 Polo Coupe sat on some lovely PLS Hockenhiems. The look on his face once he'd parked it up just shows the joy and relief of building the car over the past few years. Hard work does pay off. 

Ryan's Cayman S was looking pretty spectacular on some Fifteen52 Formula LTWs!

Was good to catch up with two close friends alike. LikeHell Design and ILoveBass. 

Always nice to have a chat and see how each other's doing. 

The show for myself was great to attend as I'm sure a lot of you would agree. Getting to see awesome friends of whom I've met throughout the years just adds to the experience a tad more. It's definitely started the year off with a bang for myself, and I'm now really looking forward to my 3rd year at Worthersee next month. Lookout for live coverage that we'll be posting. It's a holiday I would recommend to everyone!

Also don't forget to take a look at our events coming this year. First will be the RollHard X Charity Event in Coventry this July!


Words: Jonny Smith
Photos: Jonny Smith

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