European Hill Race - Eschdorf 2016.

Words & Photography: Mike Clarke
Eschdorf, a small quiet town in north west Luxembourg with a population of around 400 people, All of this changes for a weekend in early May when Eschdorf hosts the European Hillrace.
After hours of watching Youtube videos of the event this year I decided I would finally attend. After the short hour flight we had arrived in Luxembourg City, while you may not think the such a small country would have a rich car love but I can assure you that you will never see a nation with so many high end cars in such a small area!
We awoke on the Sunday morning to weather we could only dream of, clear blue sky and a temperature of around 25, we jumped in the hire car and made the 45 minute drive to Eschdorf.
After ditching the car we paid our €20 entry collected our wrist bands and entered the race area. The sight that first greets you is a town that has been transformed into the paddock and pit area which is completely open to the public giving everyone a great opportunity to check out the incredible machines. I wish there where more events that where so happy for the public to be around the machines!
Nothing can prepare you for the spectacle of a beautiful valley with the sound track of screaming Berg Cup Golfs, Judd V8s, a huge amount of anti-lag and even a GP2 Dallara. The sound echoing through the valley is something that can't be described.
After everyone had their 3 goes at giving it there all up the hill, some finishing with less car than they started with, David Hauser in the GP2 that came out with the fastest time on the day which went down very well with the Luxembourg crowd!
One slightly worrying thing that was mentioned over the weekend was a serve lack of funding for the event and it may be on borrowed time to ensure that this event continues I would recommend that everyone makes the short trip over to Eschdorf to witness the European Hillrace for themselves, you wont be disappointed!
Photo's and word's by Mike Clarke
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