The 2021 Round-up

The 2021 Round-up

Time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

Words: Daniel Allard | Photography: Mixed | Videography: Scott Pattenden 

It's pretty hard to believe that nearly two years down the line, covid is still very much at the forefront of most headlines and conversations, but we are not going to dwell on the negatives of this year and rather celebrate on the positive that in fact we are still here and on the rise again. 

Given that the odds had been stacked against us this year, we pulled off three pretty big achievements in 2021, we had our most successful collection release to date, we had the best feedback to an event ever with RHxBH and lastly building our relationship with the Bicester Heritage team and getting invited to display at their Sunday Scrambles, which is something we dreamt of when we first walked onto the site all them years ago. 

If covid has shown us one thing, it's how strong our team is and made us realise how unique the brand is. In a sea of falsely represented brands who are out there for just profit and fake clout, friendship and fun has been at the forefront of the brand for 11 years and for the first time in all those years we really understand what the brand represents and where it should go. The team continues to grow, basing our friendships on honesty, respect, common interests and most importantly strong family values. As we continue into 2022, the younger ones become of age where they understand the brand, express their opinions on 'cool cars dad would like' and treat the team as their extended family. 

So we are pleased to announce some exciting changes are coming early 2022, but don't worry no name tweaks or drastic change of direction but more focus on what you guys like and bringing the brand in tune with the direction we want to go.

2021 wouldn't of been possible without the help and support of the team which have become the greatest bunch of talented friends we could ask for and helped to put on the event and bring original content to our socials and site. 

And to our friends overseas Sora in Japan,  Leonardo in Brazil, Tokan in France, Julian in Germany, Levi/Ellen in Belgium and Andrian in Spain Thank you for your help, support and friendship. We hope to cross paths in the near future.  

We are super excited to start the next chapter of RollHard and we wish all you guys and girls health, wealth and friendship in 2022.

We will leave you with one of our favourites of this year and more of whats to come in 2022, collaborations with the WeaselWerkz boys. 

Dan & Matt


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