Jamie’s 1978 VW Brasilia

Jamie’s 1978 VW Brasilia

A slice of Brazilian car culture in the UK, take a look around Jamie's 1978 VW Brasilia.
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From an outsider's view, the VW air cooled world is synomones with the Camper and Beetle, but once you scratch the surface many oddities lie beneath, with our ties in Brazil we often see these from our guy Leonardo. So to see a car from one of the Brazilian assembly plants on British soil is pretty awesome. 

The VW Brasilia was a replacement for the humble Beetle in the South American market and only produced in Brazil with some knock down kits shipped on Nigeria. To keep production costs down the Brasilia was fitted with the same engine as a Beetle and mounted on a Karmann Ghia chassis, both available in Europe so when the car was imported from Brazil to the UK in 2017 by HR Autoworks they got to work to drop the car a number of  inches. 

The list of work to get the car sat as you see involved a link pin conversion, center bagged 6” narrowed beam, 2.5 drop spindles and controlling the height a 3P Airlift Performance system. Wheels were custom built by NHA Automotive, a nice and skinny 17 x 4.5j up front and 17 x 7j out back, giving the car the classic staggered look you commonly see on air cooled cars. 

The interior, believe it or not is the original, Jamie has no plans to change it as the brown and tan work well with each other and with it being in such good condition it would be a shame to recover it. The only work Jamie will be doing is to do a hardline install with the air tank.

We were lucky enough to spot it at this years Players Classic and look forward to see this car out and about next season.

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