Caffeine and Machine - Open For Business.

Caffeine and Machine - Open For Business.

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Words: Daniel Allard  Photography: Scott Paterson

After what seemed like a long anticipated wait, the welcoming doors finally opened for everyone to come and enjoy Caffeine and Machine. The protocol was simple bring yourself, your car and chat to a fellow enthusiast no mater what car or style it was and guess what?, that is just what happened. Social media has turned us anti social at events so this is a no phone zone put it down and talk to the car owner who is parked next to you or the person stood next to you at the bar. 

Phil McGovern and Tom Wookie Ford (TV presenter and motoring journalist) invited all their friends from all walks of the automotive circle to help simply spread the message that if it's cool it's welcome. The cars widely ranged from a spanking new 2018 Audi Q8 to the wild DW86 a Toyota AE86 with a LS3 shoe horned in, even a grey Massy Ferguson tractor turned up for the party!. We cant remember the last time we were at an event with such a diverse amount of people from all corners of the automotive community who have come together to support the same movement. 


On entering the building, take your time, pay attention and look for the details. Notice that each detail has been hand picked and placed ... nothing has been left as an after thought from the Porsche rocker cover and push rod coat hanger to the photography and artwork on the walls. Like the cars outside the artwork comes from all corners of the UK, from all walks of life and 99% of what you can see can be purchased, discuss this with the team behind the bar and own a piece of style chosen exclusively for Caffeine and Machine.. We have also been lucky enough to be able to exhibit a limited amount of prints and clothing, so if you are after some of our latest gear please ask Phil or the team to show you where it is. 


The level of support C&M received over the weekend was amazing not just from individuals but from clubs and companies. Everyone wrapped up warm, ignored the drizzle and had a great day enjoying the fine coffee, beer and amazing food!. TRY THE BACON WRAPPED ONION RINGS!

Caffeine and Machine is now fully open and ready to entertain your automotive tales and stories, get that car or bike you have neglected out of its hiding space and enjoy the scenic route to C&M, just do us a favour don't be a dick when leaving.

Please check their Facebook page for up to date opening times and up and coming events including ours!.






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