January's Sunday Scramble.

January's Sunday Scramble.

Words: Daniel Allard  Photography: Scott Paterson

Yep it's that time already, it wasn't so long ago that we were tucking into our mince pies and now all a sudden it's the new year. Rather than let the long, cold month of January get us down, it was Sunday Scramble time, the perfect excuse to burn off them pies!

The Sunday Scramble has turned into a stable favourite amongst all that have experienced it in the past and that showed. The January Scramble is normally the quietest of the year, but for the first time it was a sell out and we witnessed the largest variety in cars to date. From Scammell Lorries to RUF Porsche’s everything was accepted and admired by the huge crowd scattered around the site. Once again, Sports Purpose put on a great display in the MT yard, with possibly one of the best line up of Porsches outside a Luftgekuhlt event and the legendary Jacques Villeneuve Williams F1 car.  

On our way around the Technical site we popped into Pendine Historic Cars, they specialise in sale and acquisition of both road and race automobiles, they always have their doors open and welcome the public to admire what they currently have to offer. One of our stand out cars was the 1990 Nissan NPT-90 Group C car, chassis number 90-03. 

The NPT-90 was a formidable weapon in its day, boasting 750hp from the V6 turbo on race day and rumoured around 1000hp without the restrictors (god damn regulations!) that combined with some extremely effective aerodynamics (around 4 tonnes of downforce at 200mph) made this car one of the quickest closed wheel racers of all time. 

For those who like their 90's motorsport here's a video of the car from its heyday.

 Another special car in their Inventory was this 1963 AC Cobra nick named the "Hairy Canary". This Cobra is one of the most decorated and recognisable out there for obvious reasons....


We had a great day meeting friends old, new and putting faces to names, the reception to our event at the venue on the 4 August 19 has been amazing and we can't wait to welcome you all to the historic site. Come visit us on our stand at April's Scramble on the 28 April 19 if you're interested in our event or want to have a chat and a coffee 

We will be getting up close and personal with Oshe Design's Hot Rod Porsche in the short future, We are very excited to be able to dive into the details of this 911!



Oh and we can't forget the Sunday Scramble dogs!



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