OEM Perfection Corrado

OEM Perfection Corrado

Owner: William Cornett | Words and Photography: Ross Delaney

When Dan dropped a mail in my inbox asking if I had anything I’d like to share with the Rollhard readers from across the pond in Ireland, I was stoked. It’s been a pleasure to follow the RH story from the early days. F*ck, it must’ve been 2012 or 2013 when I first stumbled across the brand so it’s a privilege to see my name under the watermark.

Compared with the UK, Ireland’s car scene is a bit, hit and miss. So when a car is built to a high level it usually stands out and Williams G60 Corrado is one of those.

William had been pestering me for months to travel the 100 odd miles up to his house to shoot the Corrado. Having sold it to a buyer in the States, time was ticking and just one week before it was due to ship, we found an hour as light was fading to meet and shoot the car.

Having sold his very original dragon green MK3 VR6, William had to replace it with something equally as clean and at Dubshed 2019 he found his car, a genuine 1992 Corrado G60 finished in Dark Burgundy Metallic.

For me, the Corrado is a strange car. They’re a bit marmite, they either look amazing or pretty questionable but by keeping it as OEM as possible with subtle modifications, William has nailed this one, which sits on custom 17” 3-piece VW Sebring wheels. The eagle eyed will notice custom G60 centre caps too.

Before William's ownership the car had been stripped to bare metal and re-sprayed in the stunning deep metallic purple (no it’s not black!) with any blemishes picked up over the course of its life ironed out. This attention to detail worked wonders as the car is just stunning in person.

Inside, Williams love of rare OEM parts shines through with a US spec deep-dish steering wheel, original radio and black headliner. The seats remain standard, for now.

With the light fading and my cameras ISO at its limit, we wrapped the shoot, and the forests silence was replaced with the unmistakable whine of supercharger pulleys.

William often says he misses his previous MK3, but with this one heading even further from home, I think he’ll miss it more.


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