Teaching new dogs old tricks

Owner: James Green | Words: Joe Allard | Photography: Charlie Brenninkmeijer

So here we are, 2021. A lot of things have changed for everyone over the last 12 months but us car enthusiasts have managed to thrive, and we’ve seen some exceptionable builds coming together which we look forward to welcoming to our headline event – Rollhard x Bicester Heritage – 01/08/2021 (If COVID restrictions allows us).


Our first show was an overwhelming experience which saw some of the finest metal on display, with some stand out cars coming through the gates. One of the
cars that stood out amongst the crowd for us, was the one you are going to be reading about below, James Green’s simply stunning 1 of 400, VW MK7 Clubsport S.

So what are the reasons we think, it stands out? A simple, yet very effective recipe which has been around for many years but many fail at it, especially on more modern cars.

James has managed to execute the perfect build. 


Now, some of you may be up in arms saying... “Why a Clubsport S”?

Well, all the mods are reversible, so none of the Nürburgring lap time setting characteristics are ruined. The car still gets used as intended and can be enjoyed by James as he wishes. This is thanks to Gepfeffert KW Competition Coilovers paired with adjustable top mounts, a DCC cancellation kit and a HLS 4 drop kit which gives the car the stance desired by many. Filling the SRS widened arches, you have 225/30/20 Hankook Ventus S1 Evo tyres wrapped around the holy grail of wheels, BBS E88’s stepped up to 20”. These were assembled especially for James from non-other than Racing Team Hoffman. The engine had been breathed on lightly to give it a bit more character also but 306bhp through the front tyres is plenty enough.

The interior is purposeful place from factory with the welcomed addition of a Weichers half cage. There is one thing which we are glad to see though, the “Golfball” manual gear knob. The manual gearbox is slowly becoming a thing of the past so should be celebrated at all costs, no matter how crap some are.
James being the workshop manager at Total VAG based in Leighton Buzzard, he is more than familiar with all things VAG and that knowledge/passion for the Volkswagen brand shows with his build.

As for the future, James doesn’t have many others plans for the Golf, just wants to enjoy the heck out of it and display it at some damn events. I swear, if COVID
gets in the way of any events this year, I'm going to go full Piers Morgan……….

Also, we would like to welcome the talented Charlie Brenninkmeijer to the Rollhard team, thank you for this great set!
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  • James has assembled the best MK7 in the world in my opinion. It’s a shame the era has come to an end. An all round great guy too. Well deserved spot on these pages.

    Stuart Wood
  • Hi how do we apply for show spots at bicester heritage rollhard???


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