Edens Mini - Chapter one.

Edens Mini - Chapter one.

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Words: Daniel Allard | Photographer: Deni Mowels | Owner: Eden Cayless

Eden's Mini is somewhat like Trigger's broom, not much has been left untouched during the 12 years since he purchased it. Once Eden gets going it's hard to keep up so we will do our best to cover this build and in as much detail as possible....

The plan is to build a quick track car and Eden is determined to carry out all the work to the car himself around his 9-5 job being a plumber.  If his plan comes together, the car will start to take shape over the next few weeks and a deadline has been set to get the car assembled. Once assembled, Eden will be taking the car out for track time and hopes to develop it into a formidable track weapon.  

It is clear to see from the pictures, that this car will not be an out of the box ready race car, the body shell has been dropped one inch over the body pan, suspension mounts raised front and rear to allow for decent preload for the coilovers and yet still run at a low height, home built full cage and custom rear panel work all worked around a carbon recess panel where the new ally fuel tank will live. 


So what is next on the to do list? Well alot! Next up, Eden will be getting the body ready for paint, build the engine and whatever else he can find the time for. 

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