The Brasilia from Brasil.

Photography and Words: Leonardo Silva   Owner: Regis Santos

First of all, thank you so much to Leonardo Silva from Brazil for capturing these images and writing this feature for us, we have more coming from Leonardo soon.

Typically Brazilian, the VW Brasilia was made for the South American market and manufactured between 1973 and 1982. Using the famous Beetle layout the car adopted the rear engine set up which came with an air cooled 1600cc.

Many people see the Brasilia as an ugly car and so did Regis before he owned this 1980 VW Brasilia LS.    


Before owning the car, Regis attended the biggest VAG event (Volkswagen Audi Group). From Latin America in the city of Aguas de Lindóia-São Paulo, Bubble Gun Treffen (BGT) he spotted a VW model similar to his but white, low suspension and shortened frame.

"When I saw it, I did not believe it and decided to buy one."

After returning to his home in the state of Minas Gerais, Regis bought a car identical to the one he had seen in BGT in white and monochromatic interior.

Over a few month the front and rear arches were tubbed to allow enough clearance for the new larger 17" rims, With that being done the car runs low and is enjoyable to drive.

The shaft sleeves were worked and shifted forward and the fuel tank was raised to better accommodate the wheels.

The engine is a 1,600cc original with two carburetors that had only a few parts painted in black.

The suspension was reworked by preparer FilipedaCatrak Preparations who carried out all the procedures so that Brasilia could drive down the streets, but in comfort.

By the time the car was still in the original white color, until when it came to the idea of painting it totally black and redo the whole interior leaving a shade of red.

It required several searches and adjustments so that the suspension could stay at the desired height and without problems.

Even at that time, the owner drives with her to various places near her home or to the state capital of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte without major problems. Wherever she drives, it is possible to see people of all ages and generations looking with awe and admiration on the project for its conservation and richness of detail.

The project is still running, Regis will soon be installing a red Ragtop, updated suspension and some more original internal details which he hopes to have done by the end of the season. 




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  • Leonardo Silva é massa! Fera demais !!!! Arrasou!

    Julia Suênia
  • Do Brasil pro mundo hehehe


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