Julia's VW Cox

Words and Photography: Tokan | Owner: Julia

First of all, thank you so much to Tokan from France for capturing these images and writing this feature for us, we look forward to working with you for many years to come.  

This summer, we traveled to eastern France to meet a truly passionate woman!

A short introduction, Julia is 29 years old, from Metz (a city in northeast France), she came to get lost in the depths of the Meuse countryside with her partner Vincent a few years ago. Attracted by cars since her childhood, thanks in particular to her parents, who drove a Beetle ( a red convertible version), this attraction has never left her.

Years pass and their attraction to Volkswagen grew into a passion and their little collection is now a way of life!

No picture of their latest acquisition to keep it a secret, but trust me there are some cute nuggets.

After riding for a while with Vincent's VW Cox (he owns, a low light Karmann Ghia, which, we may see in the coming months), she wants to have her own.

So it's 2013, that she finds her happiness. An Oval model from 1956, unearthed in Sarrebourg, in Moselle. It is a vehicle imported from Austria in an original 'Polar gray' shade.

Why this one more than another? First, Julia loved it from seeing the pics, more particularly the rear of the car, it must be said that its "oval" window (hence its name) gives it a crazy charm! And most importantly, the natural patina it had. In addition to that, the oval is one of her favourite models, Bingo! (we must admit they all kinda look the same but the oval cox is the most beautiful of them all, is it not?).

With Vincent in tow, they decide to go see her and there started her big crush. We know, we've all been there at least one time!

You might as well say that the time for reflection was short.

Let's talk a little more about this car. It has undergone a major restoration for more or less 6 months, floor, side rails, spare wheel tray, fender interiors, door sills.


Other parts get some modifications, like the interior of the rear fenders, the train is custom made.

The suspension, obviously it is not the original one, we pass on home-made tyres, only the compressors are from Viair. With a tank painted by Vincent. 

For the passenger compartment, some modifications, the installation of pressure gauges to keep an eye on the air ride.

Seats that were not the same color as the door panels receive OEM covers.

The handbrake and the gear lever are raised. The engine is a 1641cc prepared by Vincent. It has also been upgraded as well as the gearbox for the car or literally to the ground when lowered. The rolling part is equipped with RDW rims Randars wheels.

A very nice Christmas present since they were given to him by Monsieur.

They are fitted with Maxxis tires in 155-60R15 for the front and 175-65R15 for the rear.



We asked Julia what her favourite car on the car scene is and there it was difficult to choose as there are so many, but if she had to choose one, it would be John Ludwick's Chevrolet Covair.

For her part, she would very much like to own a VW barndoor or a Porsche 911 turbo.

We wish them all the luck and finally, Julia is also a photographer, so do not hesitate to follow her, to give her some strength !

Acknowledgments: Julia wanted to thank her husband for making the car of her dreams. She also wanted to thank Vincent's dad who is no longer with us today, but who helped a lot on this project.

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