Ultimate "Dubs" 2018.

Ultimate "Dubs" 2018.

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Words: Daniel Allard | Photography: Danny Honour | Scirocco Photography: Mark Riccioni

So the wait is finally over and the 2018 show season has finally begun. Once again we travelled to the North, past the Watford Gap to see what the "VAG" community has been busy with over winter. With our Belgian brothers and sisters not being able to attend this year we were down on cars but that didn't stop us from having a cracking weekend. 


With all the big names in attendance and companies travelling from all corners of the UK and Europe, it is the first time spectators get to see new trends, newly released products and their friends from afar.

It was obvious to see that the show wasn't full of VAG content, over the last few years the non VAG infiltrators have been increasing in numbers but what is the reason behind it?

Once upon a time, Ultimate Dubs was full to the the brim of the finest VAGs in Europe, now it seems it is the finest German cars from around Europe. Is it because the show has slackened its discipline or is it because of the non VAG explosion that has happened over the past few years and people are turning their eyes to something different? We are one of the only few brands who started out supporting all brands of cars but it would be nice to see the VAG community flourish again and help the show stick to its roots.

Kenwood Audio released their new demo car, you may have noticed that we made a post on the Saturday before the event, which was the digital release of the car. It was great to be involved with such a release and thank you to the guys from Scene Media for trusting us with the images. The car has the usual Rotiform and airlift combo and fitted the aggressive Voomeran body kit, with all these brands combined you will agree its a great looking car. Let's hope more brands like Kenwood start to build proper promo cars again.

This is the last time you guys will see the old trusty stand set up along with some of our products. It's served us well over the past few years but it is time for an update, which will be released at The Retro Rides Gathering in May along with the start of a whole new range of products.

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