Vagabonds Unite - 5 Years On.

Vagabonds Unite - 5 Years On.

RollHard Event Coverage - Vagabonds Unite 2018. Sean Matthews, Gaydon Motor Museum. Performance volkswagen

Words & Photography: Jonny Smith


Vagabonds - The Car Event For Car People. 

In a time of Social Media, where new brands, blogs and groups are popping up weekly, it's nice to be scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and see a name pop up that takes you back to more simpler times. A time when Sundays were spent at different car events turning ourselves into red lobsters.

In scrolling social media, we came across the Vagabonds Unite event, and a welcome sight it was. Vagabonds head honcho Sean "Seansy" Matthews has been taking a breather from events, so we're so happy to see him back. It's been a long 5 years since their first event, but Vagabonds are back on the map and ready to spice up the show calendar yet again.

Volkswagens & All. 

Back in 2013, taking over Brooklands Museum, the guys and girls put on a showcase of all cars under the VAG branding. Anything Aircooled, Watercooled, from VW to Audi, Porsche to Bentley, as long as it was in those parameters it was welcome. A time for all lovers of the VAG brand to unite and celebrate together. 

Well, five years on and that same ethos is there, walking around the show, it had an exclusive feel and the atmosphere was brilliant. A relaxed feeling with everyone there for the same reasons, to enjoy this crazy lifestyle we have with cars.


Five Years On. 

A lot of things have changed over the past five years, so with that in mind Sean decided to drop the VAG-only aspect and open their event up to everyone, not just VWs.

Vagabond's change of location to Gaydon Motor Museum, sticking with the museum formula of their original event, it was a masterstroke. With the Sunday with the sun beaming down, the cool air-con inside the museum was a good saviour when the sun got too hot. 


We're really pleased that Vagabonds in back hosting an event, we look forward to next year for another fun and relaxed Sunday outing with cars! 

Vagabonds Unite 2018 - RollHard Event Coverage - Gaydon Motor Museum

Vagabonds Unite 2018 - RollHard Event Coverage - Gaydon Motor Museum

Vagabonds Unite 2018 - RollHard Event Coverage - Gaydon Motor Museum



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